The Ahh Bra is used--in my opinion--for style and comfort. The Genie Bra is used--also in my opinion--for comfort and lift. You can probably use the Genie Bra as a "camisole" as well. I they only come in black, white, and nude. The Ahh Bra comes in many colors (which you have to buy separately for--i think--$59.99). The Ahh Bra arrives with the same three colors the Genie Bra does.

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I have tried several times to buy the AHh Bra in colors and I am always told they don't come in anything but black, nude and white for shipping into the states.


check out for more AhhBra colors! Also available at in colors and as singles!


They look the same to me.  Are they the same thing or is one better than the other?

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