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What is the difference between the genie bra and the ahh bra?

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The Ahh Bra is used--in my opinion--for style and comfort. The Genie Bra is used--also in my opinion--for comfort and lift. You can probably use the Genie Bra as a "camisole" as well. I they only come in black, white, and nude. The Ahh Bra comes in many colors (which you have to buy separately for--i think--$59.99). The Ahh Bra arrives with the same three colors the Genie Bra does.

i finaley figured it out they the same bra the only diff is the ahh bra is for people 50 and up and the genie bra is for people to 25-50

Don't waste your money on the ahhh bra it is more like the oh crap bra. If you have  large c or d cup the band under breast rolls up, the padding moves around, you are always tugging at it and rearranging you boobs, with or without the pads you end of with uni boobs, it is a horrid bra to wear.

Do not know anything about the genie bra have not tried it.

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