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Difference between an eps file and jpg

When doing screen printing how do i explain to customers why i need an eps format and why an jpg format does not work

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Hi, I think the simplest way to answer this questions for your customers is to say that if they provide an image in jpg format the quality of the image will be very poor and it will not be possible to provide full (3) colour screen printed images.

This is because jpg images are specifically designed to work at the lower resolutions required for viewing in a web browser but screen print process requires high resolution images in a different format such as TIFF/EPS. EPS provides the higher resolution i.e. it contains more information about the image and ability to create three colour seperations needed for screen printing.


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Hi Oceanblue -


The main difference is that a JPG file is a compressed file, where each pixel in the image is saved with its RGB value (or CMYK). Each time you open and save the image there is further and further compression happening. Also, images in this format are very difficult to resize, because you have a 1:1 representation of what the image is.

Post script files, like EPS (Encapsulated Post Script file) are in an a scripting language called Post Script, where the images are actually saved as mathematical formulas, coordinates and vectors. This not only allows for much smaller file sizes, but also resizes much better and produces much better results at the time of printing, because there are printers that actually read post script and process the images in real time as they are printed, versus having the computer read the pixels and tell a printer what to print.

The bottom line is that both file types can provide good quality prints, but in order to do so, the JPG at 300dpi would be a much much larger file than an EPS file and is less manageable.

Hope this helps!


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