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Difference between baptist,catholic,pentacostal churches i 'd like to attend church but whats the difference in them all i want to pick the right one for me and my kids

Amy, first of all pray, and ask God to lead you to a fellowship that teaches His Word in totality, he will hear you, and answer. Second, the Baptist do teach the gifts, and the fruits, and they do walk in them, at least my church does, but, salvation thru Christ is the most important thing. confessing Him as Lord and Savior, and living your life according to His Word. Baptism, is an outward sign to the world that you have decided to give your life to Christ and are not ashamed of it, so yes, baptism is very important. God desires for you to know him in every way, so again, ask him to show you where He would have for you and your children to be, and where you can grow, and walk according to Jesus' teachings. Be patient, and begin to study His Word for now. Begin in John, this tells you a lot about Jesus and his ministry.  Always pray first, it shows your trust and faith in Him. My prayers are with you Amy........Dee

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