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What is the difference between centralized and decentralized policing?

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In regard to policing systems, there are two main categories, centralized and decentralized.  When law enforcement is centralized it is a system in which there is one large police agency that conducts police work and investigations for an entire country.  This leaves very little focus to certain areas of the country.  For example, Russia and China operate under a centralized, socialist government.  This means that everything is governed under a point of view that adheres to their society as a whole, and not to individual areas.  Centralized policing can be a problem because of this fact, and civilians do not know exactly what is right or wrong because the laws are so broad.  This model is highly favored in Western Europe as a form of law enforcement.

            Decentralized policing is exactly to the contrary.  This is the preferred system in the United States of America.  Decentralized policing separates law enforcement agencies into smaller divisions that govern their own respective neighborhoods and communities.  This can be very effective when it comes to getting down to the streets.  The designated police force knows better the crimes and fallacies that are abundant in their areas.  This allows them to focus and prioritize what laws are the most important to focus on.



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