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There's a solution to war and hate.

All we gotta do is grab Muslims when they start to act like they are gonna start some thing nasty, prosecute 'em like dangerous mental defectives they are and give 'em the ...
  Posted 9 hours ago .


Once again by popular demand The Rocmike 24/7 365 list

  Posted 10 hours ago .


House Republicans reviewed citizen complaints that ...

House Republicans reviewed citizen complaints that in 44 cities, people had impure water, severe air pollution, and cover-ups that were initiated to protect powerful Democrats ...
  Posted 6 hours ago .


A Clockwork Orange.

A Clockwork Orange......... Stanley Kubrick's unnerving tale about a dystopian future and "ultra-violence" in youth gangs is frightening at best yet it may be an alternative to ...
  Posted 7 hours ago .


How to recover deleted HTC photos?

Is there any way to recover deleted photos from HTC phone?
  Posted 5 hours ago .