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Is there a pill that makes food taste bad?

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That would be a way to lose weight wouldn't it?

You are certainly thinking , There is a way to lose weight simply, you may of course be eating the wrong foods, but this may not be the trouble. Because your body reacts in various ways through you pH you have to learn about it.

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Do you want food to taste bad so you will eat less? If this is so then why don’t you consider making modifications to your eating habits and the foods you normally eat? THEN the food you eat can taste GREAT and you will want to eat and the food you eat will make you healthy and lean! : )

If you "eat clean" and select healthy nutritional foods you can eat all sorts of foods that are good for you and taste great. I recommend the book "The eat clean diet" It is loaded with a ton of good information and it really helps explain nutrition and all the choices of foods you have.

Eating good food and exercise is the key to health and being fit. Don’t starve yourself. You need to eat to build muscle. When you build muscle it helps burn even more fat that just cardio alone. If you have any questions just ask!


Don’t put off your goals until tomorrow when you can start today.

Can you elaborate why are you asking?

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Let me tell u a little sumthin. Lets make a deal if u can hack into this company files and give me information like the password and security info then i will give u more than 50 ways for ur question. If u do not take thi deal then... Well....Im very persuasive ok! Deal or no deal!

Unfortunately, NO.  There is no pill that can make food taste bad.  However,  if you add herbs or spices that your family may like, (but YOU DON'T), that may help.  But, sadly, NO.  There is no magic pill that will alter the taste of food.  Sorry.

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