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What is the diet program for the releana? What foods can you eat ?

What is the diet program for the releana? What foods can you eat

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You can read all about the releana diet at their official website here

Karma's a b*tch.

hey Cristal,

I have been on the releana diet for 15 days now, the first 14 days I lost a total of 17lbs. I am now on the 15th day and I am very optimistic that I can loose approx. 5-7 lbs this week. Also My mother has started the program too! She is extremely overweight and a diabetic....She has been able to drastically reduce her insulin intake and is already loosing.

My meal plan consists of lean steaks,boneless chicken breast and various types of fish with veggies and two servings of fruit daily. Now I usually have to make myself eat the fruit because I am just not hungry. If you are planning on trying this I would say go for it.

Good Luck


I have an appt next week to start hcg/relena program, but is there anyone out there who has done it and is now off of it and still keeping the weight off?

I did the 500 cal diet and Releana for 2 months...32 lbs and TONS of inches...went from a tight size 18 pants to a loose 14. I have not been on it because I moved out of state and can not find a Dr that prescribes the program. I have been eating horribly(moved to Texas and eat a lot of TEX-MEX) and have not gained a pound...I feel like I have put some inches back on..but am in the same clothes. I completely and whole heartedly believe in the Releana program and hope to find a place in the Austin area to start again.  I felt great on it.

Astar Thanks for your response. one more question did you do the injections or the oral drops? I am currently doing the oral drops. Thanks

I left my Releana bottle out on the counter for 45+ minutes should i be conserned its not effective anymore?

you can have 3 1/2 ozs of lean ckn, beef, white fish.... and 3 1/2 ozs vegetable at lunch and dinner and 2 fruits 6 hrs apart .. no sugar,fat, milk no extras minimum of 2 litters of water a day

Where can I buy the drops (oral) Releana (HCG) online.  I have done this program ^ months ago and loved it.  Nut would like to buy it cheaper online

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