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Per diem

Current per diem for cooperstown, albany

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Can travel voucher or per diem increase my child support

Hi, if you deployed from you home state in a reserve status, then this should not effect your child support in any way. However, if you are getting BAQ you should check with your finance liason to insure that all your basis are covered in the event that this becomes a question. In regards to your ...

Foster care

It sounds to me, that it's all about the money, not the kids you're suppose to be giving a home to. Please stay out of the system, you'll end up doing more harm then good.. Kids need to be loved... and not looked at, as commodities... and a way for you to earn a buck

Long Term Care insurance payments

I think you are referring to long term care insurance tax deductions. This is where your business (C-Corp, S-Corp, partnership, etc.) or your income can pay for the LTCi premiums.