did sofia vergara appear in king of queens?

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Answered: Is Sofia Vergara the Sexiest Woman?

yes, her accent makes her very attractive. but she is a very beautiful woman

Answered: Can I use a king headboard on Cal. King bed?

Hello, I am a custom builder of headboards. A king sized mattress is typically 76" wide x 80" long, and standard California king mattress is several inches longer. There should be no problem using a standard king headboard on a California king mattress. AMP Upholstery Inc. Website: www.amp ...

Answered: What is a Queen's attendant?

drone, if you are referring to bees

Answered: Do you like it when Sofia Vergara says

I love her, I think she is hilarious and cute and hot at the same time, this is such an amazing set of qualities! I think she's charming

Answered: Who is hot bride in sofia vergara pepsi ad?

That would be Sara Fletcher. She went to Indiana University for an acting degree.

Answered: Elvis first appeared on which national TV show?

Never trust someone who answers their own questions. They are probably trying to trick an Anonymouse- http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/elvis_presleys_national_tv_appearances_in_the_1950s.shtml
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