Did Novak Djokovic win his tennis match today?

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Answered: Does Novak Djokovic deserve to be ranked number 1?

I suppose he does. He at least won a grand slam, unlike the women's number one. The question is, how long will he be able to keep it. I see the number one spot going back and forth so much these days. I think it will be some time before any one player takes the top ranking and keep for any lenghth ...

Answered: Is Novak Djokovic the favorite to win the French Open?

Rafa is the Ruler of the clay courts....Go Rafa!!!

Answered: Besides Novak Djokovic, what other famous athletes are from Serbia?

Twin I just did a very heavy search of this, The Country has changed boarders so many times, and has had many good people from it, I still was not able to find one in "Sports", as a Serb.. This was what I did find. {1}Ethiopia – Debele Hailu {2 }Radnicki from Kragujevac ...

Answered: I always thought spectators at a tennis match were ...

even sometimes fans are not polite and booing the players, in soccer fans are reckless, unlike on tennis they are more behave and disciplined than soccer fans.

Answered: Everyone is talking about! Join Daily Draws everyday to Win Amazing

Never heard about it. If you want to talk about auctions, go to Ritchie Brothers. Before you go, be sure you have a need for the sort of gear they sell, that your business is in good enough shape to bid six figures confidently, and that you really ARE a player. Anything smaller than that isn't ...
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