did michele lepe ever posed nude?

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Answered: Jessica Simpson posing nude - pregnant

My favorite has to be the Playboy nude series of Marilyn Monroe - mainly because it was kind of an ice-breaker for A-list stars to bear all. But I still think the *best* piocs of Marilyn are the fully clothed ones. This is probably my favorite:

Answered: Have any of you ever posed as a nude model?

I did a set of pictures for my sweet hubby.

Answered: Nude photograph of bangladeshi girls

Ramadan day.......should not do this

Answered: Would you pose nude or streak for a good cause? Why or why not?

Well, I consider my man a good cause, but that's the only one. I did a set of shots for him because I tour a fair amount. He loved them!

Answered: Do u know where to find nude screensavers

Here is a site for you. ..happy thanksgiving.
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I didn't know that existed

Did harry potter star ever poses nude?

Yes Daniel Radcliffe appeared last summer in the play Equus about a boy obsessed with horses and there is a nude scene. He was also meant to be staring in the same play in New York this summer but not sure when. Here is a link if you want some good photos of him, click here .

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Dawg, Even though I am not into politics, I love reading your comments. You really tell it like it is. Plus you find the best websites. You are smart, and a lot of fun to read.

Twisted poses

I believe they think it makes them look thinner, as it distorts the straight-on view of their hips (which tend to be the widest part of the body).