did hillary clinton vote for obamacare in the senate?

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Answered: Caroline Kennedy for Senate?

You are the smartest democrat i have talked to lately. I was just discussing with a friend if we have gone so far down hill it is impossible to go back. Everyday it seems to be the same thing-crazy greedy governor, tom daschle owes $100,000.00 in back taxes- the man who is supposed to be the only ...

Answered: I find it amusing that Hillary Clinton is now ...

Did you hear the way that Clinton bag talked on Larry King the other night? She didn't know where she was, and no body could figure out what she was dithering on and on about. She ain't ABOUT to drop off the side into senility. She already done it. Nothing the Dems say about her checks out ...

Answered: Filling Clinton's Senate Seat

AOL, This process has continued to bring more and more of our basic civic process to the fore of many discussions. It has brought forth the aspect of the integrity that these seats(senate) hold. No longer is this just about 'ok, I voted, its over, I hope it was the right choice' It has brought out ...

Answered: Hillary Clinton

Clinton chases Iran's Foreign Minister around Bahrain, gets snubbed...

Answered: Barack obama votes as a senator

Obama has already gone down as the least competent fool who ever gave away his official duries to drink beer instead. During the five short months when he actually has a limited say in government, he illegally sold over sixteen trillion in US Treasury Securities to hostile nations at bargain rates ...

Answered: Another year of delays for Obamacare -- because it is now over 6,000

Leftists have always been ignorant bigots. That is why leftist liberals join the Klan and burn crosses, to prove that all leftist literals chant hate in the name of their gods, Hitler, Stalin, O'Hair, and Marx. Now they resort to racist tokenism, but that isn't surprising for these criminals. Of ...
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She looks like she has been through the ringer, and don't think she is Capable.. Sweet G 6/19

Clinton's Senate Seat

She graduated from Law School, practiced as an attorney, did a lot of Pro Bono work, as well as community service helping to improve city schools. Politically this gives her 1. The same basic knowledge of the law and its composition, important for a lawmaker to have, as the other members of the ...

Clinton's Senate Seat

The Governor of New York will have all the problems associated with the Illinois Governor filling Obama's seat: corruption, payoff, misfeasance, etc. It won't be a happy transition.

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how can i find out which senators that are republicans voted for the energy bill hr-2454?