Did Abe Lincoln have a mistress?

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Answered: How lincolns assassination affected americans and the reconstruction in

Check out http://reformation.org/lincoln.html for the answer.

Answered: Lincoln Discoveries

i not now at this time

Answered: Is it true that Abe lincoln a vampire hunter

There are tales of the undead that echo all across Romania. One cannot dismiss all these tales out of hand. They had blood-sucking parasites that flutter off through the night, put the bite on people, stare at simpleminded persons, transfix them by unclean means, and seem to exist only from grave ...

Answered: Why abe Lincoln hated the Irish?

Take a look at what he had to say about the Blacks you think he hated the Irish..........oh boy howdy. Lady Darko

Answered: Lincoln Assassination Artifact

Lincoln Assassination Artifact Assassination Artifacts Abraham Lincoln: The Final Casualty of the War (NMHM) Assassination Deathbed * Assassination Playbill (Kansas State Historical Society) Assassination Relics (Smithsonian Institution) Assassination Rocker * Assassination Rocking Chair ...
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Unless he signed it, you have the original bill of sale or there are features that are so distinctive they are immediately recognizable as his style, you can't positively tell. Even the best antiques assessor in the country could only tell you if it's the right style, region, wood and the right age ...

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Check for loose seal on distb. cap, moisture may be getting inside Dick

Abe Lincoln guotes

This web site has many of his famous quotes. The one you are looking for is not listed nor did I find it when I did a search on other sites that had to do with Lincoln.