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Are diamonds a good investment? Or is gold a ...

Are diamonds a good investment? Or is gold a better investment? It seems that the dollar keeps going down. Pretty soon we won't be able to afford milk. I just worry about the future.

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Good Morning;  Timely questions...It is my opinon neither represent sound safe investments, being in the jewelry busisness for over55 years I have experienced highs and lows in both gold and diamonds. Another question   are the diamonds coming from a wholesale end same as gold, be careful, as a conservative jeweler my answer is no, we could talk further please call at 312.7550700 Rose Estate Jewelers Chicago, Murray Rose.G.G-GIA

A Good Start for a Newbie Small Investor Is To Buy Solid Gold, these come in the form of gold coins, gold bullion and gold bars. There is nothing better than holding the gold coins tangibly in one’s hands. Many companies help a small investor buy gold directly. It is the investor’s choice whether to keep possession or not. Be certain to research every investment thoroughly before one invests money. Make sure to deal with a legitimate company. If suspicions arise, trust your instincts and get out.

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Diamonds and gold are both an excellent investment right now as they are both commodities that continue to increase in price in the market. We have seen diamond prices increase by $500-$1000 a day overnight. This seems to be happening steadily once a month. In this day and age, it is unforeseen to have a decrease in value as the demand for these items continues to rise more steadily every year. You can benefit greatly by purchasing a wholesale diamond from a website like www.Brilliance.com because they have very minimal markup and you don't have to pay taxes or shipping costs. They also have a 30 day return policy so you can even send it back if you don't love it.  

Both are good investments. If you are new to the investment, you can hire a business coach expert in the field who ill help you and guide you in building your business. 


Gold is a better investment for me. We all know that the value of gold has risen to some of the highest levels in history, and it continues to break records. This is the strongest reason for buying this commodity.  In addition, gold has a limited supply, so it will more likely continue to rise in value compared to stocks, bonds or other investments.

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Gold is risky today so i suggest that you consult a Investment Adviser like Ed Butowsky,they're the experts when it comes to Investments and Stocks,considering they're 22 years of experience in the Business.

I personally think that both the gold as well as the diamonds are good and profitable investments as all it depends on its stability in the market.


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