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Isn't difficult. One need merely see that she suffers all these dfisabling mental features, rendering her incapable of making frends or establishing any career. Persons who have degrees and careers ...

Rocmike's alias Dr. Kelly does not have a degree but we all know Rocmike has many personalities. At least 70 of them.

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Dr. Kelly Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Again, Tadpole, you accuse others of what you do.  Although you post at least 200 screen names, all utterly fascist and completely bitter, you have never once proved any of your contentions.  Your delusions do even your socialist cult severe discredit, but that was only to be predicted.


Perhaps if you took some time out to calm down and cease screaming at rational persons, you could become respectable.


Your history will always go against you because of your intense bitterness, insane racist malice, and absolute disloyalty to your people but that is ony to be expected of Obama's fascists.


In any case, thank you for once again proving me correct.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike can you not read? Everyone on AOL knows these are your screen names. The only idiot you have fooled is yourself. By the way I haven't seen Froggie, Jerome or Lenore post on here in many months.

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