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Can type 2 diabetics eat Ham? I was told that if ...

can type 2 diabetics eat Ham? I was told that if your are a type 2 diabetic that you have to live on turkey or white meat from chicken. I was also told that a diabetic cannot have ham. I need to know if this fact or somebody's opinion. Dennis

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WHO on earth told you that? 

I'm diabetic and I can eat anything I want as long as I'm careful about portion control and don't let my blood sugars go too high. I even "save up" so I can have a piece of cheese cake over the holidays. That means not eating other sugary food, keeping the portions small and avoiding carbs wherever possible. 

I eat ham every New Years day and ham sandwiches several times a week. 

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GB is correct. If you have HBP you would want to be careful because of the high sodium content of ham. Same for hi cholesterol and TG- ham is a good source of these substances.



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Hi Dennis, --------- You received 2 good answers (2 thumbs up each). Being type 2 diabetic you can eat ham. I believe that if someone told you that it was because of some other reason[s] (e.g: high cholesterol). You should NOT be limitted to turkey and while chicken meat !. ---------- Best regards,

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I agree with what the others said. I just wanted to add a Diabetes Food Pyramid put together by the American Diabetes Association. Hope this helps you.

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