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What determines how many puppies a dog has? Is it the number of times she ties or something else?

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A dog can have puppies each time she goes into heat. She may have up to 10 or so puppies at a time but usually she would have about six.  If you dont want her to have puppies, have her fixed at the vet's office. It is not good for her to have too many puppies too often.

janice, the real answer is ( GOD )

God has nothing to do with it, it depends on how many times she gets bred. The more she's bred the more likely she is to have a large litter.

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annette, sorry you are so wrong ! a dog gets out one night and hooks up one time and she will have a litter....... We bread english setters years ago and only took the dog over long enough for her to join one time with male. 9 puppies  Cool   


In mammals, the male determines the sex of an offspring while the female determines the size of a litter by the number of eggs she drops that become fertilized.

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