Dept of education taking my tax refund. what can i do to get my return?

for years now the dept of education has been intercepting my tax refund, how do i get this to stop?  I know I have paid at least half of it and with the interest each year it seems to never decrease in amount.

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Dear "Cheryl",

The best way to get them to stop intercepting your tax refund is to call the department of eduction--or the division through which you have student loans (Direct Loans? Sallie May?) and talk to them. Work out a payment plan, and an agreement that they will not take you tax refund again.

Talking really does make a difference when it comes to lenders. The good news for you, also, is that the federal government are good people to deal with--much more reasonable than the private loan companies. Your federal loans are guaranteed by the federal government, to be paid, even if it is not Direct Loans you are dealing with. Therefore, the loan granters are much more willing to work something out that will work for you (they know they will be paid whether you pay or not).

 Again, the take home point is communication. Good intentions and an agreed upon repayment plan will make your life much easier. Hope this helps!

Anthony Centore Ph.D. Online Counseling, Telephone Counseling, Counseling in Boston and Cambridge, MA. 


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