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Can depression be cured without seeing a therapist?

Can depression be cured without seeing a therapist? My sister has a hard time getting motivated to get outside and get a social life, and she seems very depressed because she can't find a job to pay back her student loans. Should she see a doctor, or can I help her myself?

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If she has any suicidal ideation whatsoever, then she needs to be in the hands of a professional. Even if she does not express this, if she is severely depressed- you can find many symptom lists online- and you are the only one trying to help, you could wind up with a severe case of guilt if she were to commit suicide.


If she is basically just in a mild funk, you can take a shot at helping if you feel that you have the qualifications.



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Crystal,  I agree with Jay.  I would like to add that if you are financially able, help her pay her student loans on time as that seems to be part of what is making her feel blue.  When she finds a job, she can pay you back.  So please help her with her financial problems, as that is a very big worry for her.

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You have already received two good answers and thumbs up.

Whether or not depression can be cured without the help of therapy or medication depends on several factors, including how serious the depression is, whether or not it's the first time she has experienced depression, and how long she has been suffering from it.

One of the best things she can do is the thing that depression keeps her from...getting out of house.  She could start exercising which helps with depression tremendously.  See if you can start walking with her every day. 

Ultimately, life is all about attitude and the sooner each of us learns how to rebound when life smacks us around, the better our chances of dealing with set-backs in a rational way.

If possible, get her into the doctor and see what he suggests.

Here is a link to some very motivational material from one of my favorites, Og Mandino.   Perhaps you could print it for her and have her read it daily... motivation begins on the inside.  You know what they say... garbage in, garbage out!  


Good luck,



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Sure depression can be cured by ones self...At one time I was depressed, took meds for it. Well, long story short...I did find a job, got myself out of the homeless shelter. Found it difficult to focus while on the depression meds. So I stopped them and told myself to cheer up, look to the future!

Many people take years to pay off student loans, tell her not to worry so much about it. No big deal. She needs to focus more on her current situation of being out of work. The rest will be taken care of later down the road. But she will have a harder time finding work with the state of mind she is in. So she needs to learn to take it all in with a 'grain of salt'.

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ask you doctor about celexa. worked wonder's for my grandma.

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Yes ..Why not ..

The best way to cure depression do whatever you want do shopping , watch movies , chating with friends .......any thing else you want.

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