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Presidential deportation orders . question really ...

presidential deportation orders . question really is "what us presidents have ordered illegal immigrants deported. i understand it has happened during war years.

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Ultra-Liberal Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only ordered deportation of illegal immigrants during WWII, he ordered American citizens of Japanese decent living near the west coast into virtual concentration camps! One could only image how the media would have reacted if a Reagan, Bush or Nixon had done the exact same action. When a fellow liberal does an egregous act, it causes hardly a ripple to their usually hyper-sensitive human-rights sensibilities. The other U.S. President to do mass deportation of illegal trespassers was Dwight D. Eisenhower with "Operation Wetback." What was interesting about that, was he removed millions of illegal workers from our economy (something all the liberal economists have all told us would be "disasterous" and "impossible to do"), and our economy BOOMED! GNP grew, worker's wages climbed, jobs we were told "Americans wouldn't do" - they did (and at a higher wage!), America gained fuller employment and more of our dollars STAYED in our country, circulating and multiplying. WAKE UP! As Santayana said, you are either a student of history, or it's prisoner . . .

Carpe Diem!

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