Discuss harry's answer to: Dependence of an induced magnetic dipole on the field that induces it.

Can you show mathematically that diamagnetism alone exerts a repulsive force. Thus, diamagnetism can produce levitation. Note that a magnetic field induces a magnetic dipole with an opposite field to ...

Bill, The Langevin theory you gave me is well known and deals with electrons in atomic orbitals. Although it is a classical theory, it agrees with the quantum mechanical result. There is no need to rub it in again and again. I am not interested in this trivial case. What I asked cannot be googled, believe me, i tried. I leave your class and please go on teaching others, as you said. 

A clash of ideas is not a catastrophe, it is an opportunity. Only its constructive conclusions should be allowed to leave the academic framework.
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The Unknown Philosopher Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Pardon the chuckle, but you have trouble with a third-grader's explanation of diamagnetism and then you deviate to quantum?  Where do you get the gall?


Anselmogx13rq, All you are doing is deviating to all kinds of irrelevant side issues and projecting what you are doing on me.

Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I most seriously doubt that Harry is capable of any scientific material.  However, as one of Physicalist's obvious foiles, he makes a great object lesson in the cost of atheism. 


I find it difficult not to laugh these people to derision.  However, Anselmo, if you would care to partake of a discussion in magnetics, I would be honored to invite you.

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Rocmike after 13 straight hours of posting under, Bill, Anselmox, Dr. Kelly, Harley Spirit, Fletcher, Anonymous, I see you took a nap and are starting another posting marathon under your alias Humble.  So far Humble has 4 hours in,  Bill another 3, Lady Aban has 2 and still posting. Looks like Rocmike will get at least another 13 straight hours of posting in. Rocmike also has been posting under Anonymous.

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Rocmike you have posted the last 9 straight hours ,4 hours under your 2 Bill aliases profiles and 5 straight hours under the Actual Paul Wittenberg. You have also posted under anonymous and another Paul Wittenberg. Why do you have 2 profiles for Bill and Paul? With all the aliases you have are you running out of names? This also doesn't count the hours upon hours you have put in the last 24-48-72 hours. You need help and a life.

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