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Dental Flapper

DentaTl Flappers-- I need to know what a Flapper is and to how long a person could expect to use this prosetic opposed to having an implant or bridge. Could this be a useful alternative for a person with a short life expectancy of say five years.

The tooth in question is a front tooth that is irreplacible by other dentistry.

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Hi Don ~

I suppose it could be called a "flapper", but the layman's term is actually "flipper". The dental terminology is "stayplate". If you've ever seen a kid's retainer, then a "flipper" is similar to that. It's a piece of plastic that fits in one's mouth that has a fake tooth on it called a "pontic". You can't see it when it's in, so no one will know it's a fake tooth. 

It can be used for years with no problem. The person using it may want to take it out at night just to give the tissue in their mouth a rest. It's often used right after a tooth is extracted so one doesn't have to go toothless until a bridge or implant can be done, but it is a nice alternative to those who don't have the resources to pay for those treatments or for a shorter term use such as you mentioned.

Okay... that rip in the space-time continuum? That was totally not my fault.

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