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What do you do when you swallow a crown? It has only been 2 hours, do I vomit or wait till it reappears in my stool? Which is better or safer?

what do you do when you swallow a crown?  It has only been 2 hours, do I vomit or wait till it reappears in my stool?  Which is better or safer?

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Wait until you pass it in your stool.... Don't vomit it could get lodge in your lungs or throat.

Thanks, I thought vomit would be easier to deal with, so it is poop in a pan and strain, I guess.  Oh lovely!

Hi, --------- I hope I am not too late to answer you. Please go immediately to get an X-ray. The crown can get stuck in your system and it’s important to know where it is and be under constant control. In fact it passed already the most critical point (the through)…….. Please, take all possible precautions. I wish I could phone you !. ------- Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

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