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Where can I order replacement rubber o-rings for dentures or dental implants.

where can I order replacement rubber o-rings for dentures or dental implants. 

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henry schein, ide, the implant shop.com


Go online to www.attachments.com, this is a dental attachment supply for dentists and technicians.Reference the ORS-OD,O-Ring System. You will be able to find the right replacement parts for your particular appliance.

Note you will need to measure diameter of the gromit , or rubber ring, and color for proper retension. Red or white for regular size, that is the big one. And black or yellow for the very small one.

Hello, I hope you found your answer. But I would try talking to your dentist first of all. Since he was the one who put the dental implants in they might be able to find out where you could order new parts for it. Thanks for sharing this question. I'm sure many needed an answer as well!

I can't say for sure but I know most dentists, like my enture clinic in Calgary, are able to refer you pretty easily to a good denturist.


AMAZON.COM......UNIVERAL DENTAL... I get a pack of 12 for 3.25 plus 8.99 s&h, 12.24 altogether. My dentist charges $27 to replace 1. So I researched, and found this... and he said he just charges their price, they don't make anything on them. I found that a bit hard to swallow. Some people order thru other companies, perhaps even cheaper. But ONLY ORDER DENTAL GRADE O-RINGS. And these are what I purchased.

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