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Denouncing someone American in Mexico to pay a policia to arrest you by defamation

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When John McCain was a prisioner of war, did he ever denounce the US

Bright & sunny here. Blue skies & white clouds. I'm sitting out on the patio watching the squirles scamper up & down the oaks.....tough life!

Locating Americans Overseas

Call to embassy or the tourist company.

How much annual financial aid do Americans give Mexico?

The most current info I could find is from 2010. Mexico received $758 million dollars directly from U S Government sources, plus another (estimated) 3 to 5 million from other (non-government) funding sources based in the U. S. A.

Aol misrepresentation

What the hell are you talking about. Everyone knows these questions are answered by regular people. No one has ever claimed there were attorneys on line here answering these questions. Take your meds and go away.