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Denny back on Grey's Anatomy... dead...

How do you feel about dead Denny being back on Grey's Anatomy?  I think it's a bit overkill, if you ask me.  Most things that go on in the show could really happen, and this seems just a bit over the edge... what do you say?

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I agree.  Denny was a great character but they killed him off and now they keep trying to think of ways to bring him back.  First it was when Meredith had her vision when she nearly died.  Then he also did a recap show for them, enough.  It was OK to begin with that Izzie saw him a few times because of the heart transplant story, it was relevant - but now he is in her room with her - and they had sex - it is so unbelievable - and it does not make Izzie's character look goods, it make it seem like she has lost it.

When they ended last show with her going into Alex's room, hopefully that is the end of it, she has moved on.  He is a nice guy but move on with your career and get another show.

If they love him so much, have him be on Private Practice as a Denny lookalike or long lost twin brother.

do you agree?

wow, yes!  i totally agree with you.  i hope this is the end of it, and that we don't have a whole ordeal about izzy losing it again.  i really like her character, and i want new things to happen, and for her to be with alex and move on. 

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