Why Was I Denied An Anti-Harassment Order??

I just filed an anti-harassment, thinking I had a good case, the perp was driving by honking his horn.. showing up at my property then all of a sudden it became worse and some paint was scattered all over my garage doors although that I can't prove..it happened and night..  My question(s) I mentioned all these things on the statement for a temporary order, before the hearing, and the temp was denied.. I am thinking maybe because it is against a neighbor and the judge can't sign a 75 foot restriction.. Although I mentioned on the petition, there is easy access so the respondent would not have hardship he just couldn't drive past my house..... Any thoughts?? I though judges were supposed to weigh on the side of caution and sign the order????

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Evidently you didn't provide enough proof to convince the judge that an order was in order... no pun intended.  

I would suggest that you put up an inexpensive camera and catch the action on video.  You know what they say... a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Think you need to file charges with an arrest made...The law is only for the purpose of upholding the law. And cops exist only to enforce and uphold the law...

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Are you sure Dave?  Where I live it seems they exsist to pass out tickets! Haha...


One day I said, 'I will go out & look for my enemies' and on that day I found no friends. The next day I said, 'I will go out & look for my friends' & on that day I found no enemies. ~YeddaHeads~

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