Why were the Democrats treated to More Stimulus money than the Republicans?

Democratic Districts Won Twice as Much Stimulus as GOP Districts ...
Dec 18, 2009 ... The Mercatus Center at George Mason University reviewed the distribution of $157 billion in stimulus dollars based on publicly available ...

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This is an easy one.  It will be used to buy votes to make sure they keep control of congress.  The Supreme court has pretty well frozen the Stimulus Bill because of this very thing and other unconstitutional parts.

Tell it like it is.

Well, I would say if your not in support of Presidents Obamas plans means "no tickie no shirtie"! Well, the buying of votes worked well for him to get the 60 votes to pass the Health Care. Now it is Obama's payback time to burn the GOP! Giving the next round of stimulus money to states that backed him. This will backfire on his administration by the American People! This is every person in this Country, that pays taxes our money , why should we only support those states that are Democratically ruled! What right does this administration have to pick their party affiliation to receive our tax money.

Most of the money is going towards HUD, Dept of Ed and Transportation! They better tell the American people what "formula" they are using to distribute this money, yes we all would like to know!

Is your tax dollars working for YOU????

"Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." Ronald Reagan

We have seen this sort of infuriating duplicity before, in Germany (1932 Volkspielage) and during the persecutions of Pol Pot (one of Obama bin Laden's most revered idols). 

Obviously, Obama plans to act out all the mindless racist hate that his entire corrupt political machine has shown us all along.  Because of the harsh and racist nature of the KKK and Democrat Party, we may expect exactly the same varieties of tokenism and malfeasance from both.

Do not think it surprisng that your employer has been run prejudicially out of business through usurious taxation, used to specifically punish persons whom Obama and Hitler both consider "Subhuman."  These terms are, respectively, Jews and Republicans.

Either way, Obama and his corrupt racist party have proven that they are incompetent, disloyal, hypocritical, cynical, abrasive, and utterly disloyal.

Held is only one object lesson.  The case is sound that all Democrats are the surliest racists in history.

Held just proved it again.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

To continue:

Every dime of that alleged "stimulus" is a direct tax liability intended specifically to persecute specified segments of American society after the manner of the German Persecutions that immediately preceded the infamous Holocaust. 

By driving YOUR tax liability straight out the roof, Obama can personally destroy all persons who do not consider him a god.  That is how severe the shreiking arrogance of Obama bin Laden has grown: the Caesar Syndrome is now alive and well in DC.

Clinton's racist followers proved that it is exclusive to Democrats.

No one else holds America in that sort of dark and bitter racist contempt.

Remember that I warned you about all of that in June 2008.  Persons with sense and decency oppose Obama.

Unfortunately, it took Al Qaeda drug money, ACORN to unlawfully launder it, and 65 million falsified voter registrations, to elect Obama bin Laden.

The criminals who insulted you with that during the fraudulent 2008 election, continue insulting you with false allegations of racism today.

Remember that in November 2010.  That is just nine months from now.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

Obama is definitely buying votes with our money.  That is exactly why he wants to give amnesty to all of the illegals.  They will vote for him in 2012.  I hope that the American people are waking up and seeing what a corrupt person they have put in charge of our country.

You are only as old as you act.

Obama's still buying votes.  I've already bought enough ammunition.  Hope they don't force me to use it unpleasantly..........

"How long will you hesitate"1Kings, 18:21

All of the above answers to this question are on the money! Because Obama and the Socialist-Democrats are able to dole out the money from the Stimulus Packages and all other bills that include any type of funding, they determine who and where the money goes to. Although it sounds like "Mission Impossible", our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to sound the alarm all over this country and wake up as many American voters as we can and enlighten them about what Obama and his "merry" band of thieves are up to!

"I have met the enemy, and he is us!"-Pogo There is only one type of "good" Liberal, and that is an out-of-office Liberal!

Votes and Power!    You can get mad at corporations for sending jobs overseas to avoid taxes, but the politicians are equally responsible, the taxes we'll pay on stimulus packages I'm afraid will drive more jobs away.  What will be the Democrats response to this?  You guessed it!  Raise taxes!

Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, determined effort, and skilled execution.

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