Will this delicacy be on our store shelves any time soon?

As a scientist, this is exactly the kind of news I like to hear. 


I already emailed my thank you notes to Dr. Ikeda Mitsuyuki for his wonderful invention.  If they don't bring this delicacy to the US very soon, I will have to travel to Japan just for a taste.

On the other hand, this may be a necessity, as I am sure that atheists and their chief Muslim, Obama the Obozo, will do anything and everything to deny patriotic Americans this wonderful taste.  Which only proves that atheist are the surliest biggots on Earth, just like the Muslims.

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Looks like beets, cabbage, maybe some boiled eggs, and beans with a mustard sauce around it.  What is wrong with eating healthy?  Linda cooks healthy stuff for us, we all come back with the blood pressure you would expect from teen age folks.

Sounds like healthy stuff to me.  Thing is Linda fixes a lot bigger plates than that for us.  Man, you talk about skimpy rations.

Democrats have always been nasty little bigots. That's why they lie and use tokenism to put people they hate in office. How else do you explain why they elected a Kenyan drunk with tombstone votes only to sideline that drunken sot?

I think it was very nice of Reverend Cooper to let the Harley Spirit screen name post for a little while.

Different screen name, same tired, boring message of hatred and racism.

Harley Spirit, you are exactly right about it looking very much like the typical food that we eat.  I was thinking of that exact thing when I was rimming my dog, Dr. Kelly, last night. 

And , alas, we see postings here by Physicalist-Cooper-Njoy trying to play his surly atheist games.  Yet again this proved QED that all leftists are exactly the same: utterly consumed with evil and stupidity. 


It proves secondarily that we need never look to their cult of bloodshed for anything better than your gods, Hitler, Mengele, Osama bin Laden, Pol Pot, Dawkins, Saddam Hussein, Barak Hussein Obama . . ..

Well I don't think biological life was ever found on mars but if it ever was it doesn't sound like it would meet the expectations of protestants but it would to the rest of us, not just atheists.


It just means going futher out into space to find it.

Why does edicous got to be such a racist hatemonger?  Here, I posted about a new delicacy produced in Japan.  It sounds absolutely fascinating and is supposed to be very tasty.  But as with all good inventions, leftists will do anything they can stifle and destroy what could benefit the humanity.  Which only proves once again that atheists are  the most surliest bigots and racists to ever walk the earth.

Its not yet been perfected, but tofu has, while meats are not really good for you anyway, tofu has all the proteins and amino acids that meats don't. Rice and beans together is equivilant to meat as well.


While obesesity has become an epidemic in the US, stiving to be more of a vegitarian is the best way to go, yet most have a stigma towards that of whats already been perfected as it is.

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