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How can I delete multiple emails at once?

How can I delete more than one email at the same time? I would like to be able to get rid of unwanted mail quicker if possible.

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There are two ways to delete multiple emails at once.

First, you can click on the uppermost checkbox located below the Keep as New button.  This will select all emails in your Inbox.

Secondly, you can select a range by clicking on the checkbox next to the first (or last) message, hold Shift, and then select the checkbox next to the last (or first) message.

After selecting the desired range, simply click the Delete button.  

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<Ctrl>+click left mouse button for each email you wish to delete; at end hit <Del> key

or if in uninterrupted list 

<Shift>+click left mouse button

Hold down <Shift> button until you click on last email in the list

Hit <Del> button 

How can I delete the entire page of emails with the exception of one or two items?

If you are using webmail, click on the uppermost checkbox located below the Keep as New button.  This will select all emails in your Inbox.

Then while holding down Ctrl, unselect the emails you wish to keep.

I tried this suggestion and it did not work for me.

close a account  vanessa144@aim.com y  password: sierra   now closes a account  delete now pls....

Highlight the first E-mail you want deleted.  Then click the shift key while scrolling down the other E-mails you want highlighted/deleted and click delete.

just check off each one  in the little box on the left , then delete them all at one time.  Some times it won't delete them all if there are too  many but I have done 20 or 30 at one time.  Good luck!

Hold down the control key and then check each email which will be lighted up and then hit the delete button

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