How do I delete my free AOL email account?

Hi guys!


A while ago, I created a free AOL email account, but I don't need it anymore. How do I delete / remove it?

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I think that you can cancel a free AOL account by calling AOL at 1-888-265-8008.

How do I delete my AOL account

AOL is a pain in the rear! LOL! All you have to do is delete everything out Sent, Inbox, and Spam. Send a email to everyone that you want to contact you at your new addy, then do not sign in for six months and it is gone. Then even your screen name will be availble to someone else with thier own password.

There is no real way to "cancel" AOL, you just let it die.


Hope this helps!


Wow okay thats random how you don't get on for six months I'm never on and I keep having these messages from other people I don't know why, but yeah its very weird how I'm not on and then its like I have these messages.

How can I deleate aol account?

How can I delete my AOL free e-mail account?

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