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what is delayed conception??

according to my LMP am 6 weeks  4 days pregnant.gestational sac is 1cm yolk sac is found today  and  doctors asked me to visit the hospital next week to notice the heart beat of baby  and they also said  something like  delayed conception...baby is growing healthy it seems  however i don't understand the point of delayed conception

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Hi, If your LMP is Nov. 20, your conception date is Dec. 4. If LMP is Nov. 25, your conception date is Dec. 9. If LMP is Nov. 29, conception date is Dec. 13.

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If Dec 5 was the first day of your last period then: Possible Dates of Conception: December 15 to December 23, 2008 Due Date: September 11, 2009 (40 weeks)

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yeah you're right,but im a bit afraid.. anyway tnx to yah!

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