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Discuss V.S. Anderson's answer to: How do you dehydrate whole okra for snacking?

First, you'll need to scrub the okra under cool to lukewarm running water, then trim the tops and points. Next you'll need to blanch them for 4 minutes at a full rolling boil. (If they're not blanched long enough, they'll turn black in the dehydrator.) If you want, you can then place them out on paper towels and drizzle canola oil or olive oil over them and sprinkle them lightly with regular salt or sea salt. Place them in your dehydrator, making sure none of them are touching. They will take 8 to 10 hours, but start checking on them after about 6, rotating your trays occasionally for even heating. Dry them until they reach a brittle stage. Let them cool, and enjoy! Great for snacking as is or break them into pieces for use on salads or soups. I eat them with sandwiches or whatever, they're great for taking the place of potato chips or pretzels, much healthier! Be forewarned: these can get very addictive! Once you've enjoyed them, you won't want to run out ever again!

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