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Why do they spend untold billions on aircraft that ...

Why do they spend untold billions on aircraft that is not serving any purpose other than giving the Air Force a wow factor. The aircraft needed and used on the battlefield is where money should be spent. Example is the A-10. A very good ,no excellent, close air support weapon. There is no reason to spend on unproven systems that will only serve to take monies from systems that we need and use. It just does not make sense why the knowitalls continue to throw money away in such a willy-nilly way. No wonder we are broke.

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The A-10 itself took a pile of money to develop, and has since devoured billions of dollars in upgrading and 'digitizing'.  ( compare costs 30 years ago to dollar value today)  -Further, almost all avionics systems are "unproven" until sufficiently developed.

Weapons development in general leads to many applications that are later of use to everyone - radar, GPS, and the internet -just 3 of them. - And HOW do you predict what is 'good ' and what is not -  Who could have ever predicted the great B-52 or Britains venerable Canberra would last till they were older than the crews who flew them ? ?

 Who is to say accurately, what's worth developing and what's not ?  - - It seems to me that in the USA much depends on which Congressmen  with weapons plants in their areas, are on the various Appropriation Commitees Cool

What is truth -

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