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AOL Hosts have voted me Poster Of The Year

Just that ought too tell you some thing.
  Posted 2 hours ago .


Who do you think is more intelligent?

Lenore the Rocmike Stalker or the pictures of shit that she posts.
  Posted 3 hours ago .


Why are leftists all such paranoid old fools?

Leftists know how to mooch off the system and get out of work by being loudmouth hatemongers and worthless bums. So, leftists die from AIDS in prison for kidnapping little kids ...
  Posted 6 months ago .


Theater Assessment Tristan Sturrock throughout Solo Demonstrate Mayday Mayday

The schoolhousemaster of the schoolhouse suggested that Einstein should take care a craft schoolhouse. On one table, service collations and drinkings for your nodes. The grouping ...
  Posted 15 minutes ago .


As always expected, leftists never have a clue.

Our leftist firebrand of 300+ screen names spreads leftist bitterness but never has a cogent idea what to do. We see rash and vulgar accusations but they all prove meritless. But ...
  Posted 9 months ago .