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I want to paint my dining table (oak veneer) black. What prep work do I need to do and what kind of paint and brush do I need?

I want to paint my dining table (oak veneer) black.  What prep work do I need to do and what kind of paint and brush do I need?

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go to home depot-or Lowes- ask someone...this site does not connect you to Kelly Edwards....prob. just about everyone BUT her.

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I posted the question where it said "Ask Kelly Edwards a Question" listed below.  Where did it go?


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sorry but not one of the people I have seen in those have ever answered a question on these boards....I do suppose it does generate a lot of ad revenue for aol tho....remember things on the internet are not always what they seem....I do not know what to tell you but hopefully Kelly Edwards will check in and answer you but I doubt it. Good luck and let me know if you hear anything......

My advice would to your question would be to lightly sand the table with 600 to 800 sand paper. Wipe table down with alcohol (not booze) with a cotton rag...no paper towels. As far as what paint go to the store and explain what you are doing and they will help you... Prob. an acrylic polyurethane.It is their job and they will be there to do it. I would also get a nice horse hair or synthetic hair brush...do not try to go with a cheap brush......Make sure the table is wiped down  again before painting....also maybe ask at the store about a clear enamel topcoat...I do not know what type of look you are going for, but that would help to protect the paint from moisture and some heat from hot dishes.....I would still not let the hot dish touch directly to the table.  Hope this helps....You should really ask Home Depot or Lowes tho.

Thin slices of thought cut quickest.

Thank you.  This really did help me. 

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