How do you declare someone medically (or mentally ...

How do you declare someone medically (or mentally) incompetent, and be declared their guardian?  My mother can no longer live alone and take care of herself.  She repeatedly falls (8 times in 3 days) and is over medicating herself since she cannot keep track of her meds.  She has bathroom accidents all over the house, she cannot bathe or dress herself, and has a great deal of trouble walking - even with a walker.  She refuses to be admitted to any sort of facility for help, even though all medical personnel have told her it is too dangerous for her to be home alone.  I need to take over the management of her care legally so she will get the help she needs.  I need to know the steps I have to take to get this done.

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You need be power attorney over your mother medically and incompetent..with power attorney will give your power over her since she can't make decision for her self or take care of herself.. my father was in same situation he couldn't bath hisself & had trouble walking and dress himself. and my dad was over medicating himself..My mother hire attorney to be power of attorney over him.. My mother put my dad in assisant living get assistant he need..He refused go in a nurseing home..


I'm in a similar situation with a family member. I found this link to be helpful:

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How do you declare someone medically (or mentally ...

I'm in a similar situation with a family member. I found this link to be helpful: