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I seem to be having the hardest time tyring to find a birthday poem for my deceased mother. Her birthday is July 7th, this year she will be 46 I need to something perfect quick! If anybody knows ...

Here's one I found in a book called "To a Very Special Friend on your Birthday". It is from a poet named Lindsay Newman. I adapted it slightly to fit your needs better:

There are so many things I'd like to say to you today... on your birthday

If you were here with me

Like how  much your love means to me and that I hope,

even though I'm you're daughter and you're my mother,

that we would be friends above all

And to thank you

For all the wonderful memories I have of you

And for all the times you've been there when I really needed someone

And for the little things I remember

A kiss on a scraped knee

A word of encouragement when I needed one

Time may separate us on this special day, your birthday

But  nothing separates the love I feel in my heart

Every time I think of you


From Kelly










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Donna Carter

Momma although I did not write this seems as though she peeped into my heart about 3:15am this morning, this exactly what I felt and wanted to say....Also Momma I do LOVE AND ALWAYS HAVE LOVED YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!KissLaughingSmile

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