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Debit card from unemployment, how long before monies are put on debit card

approved for unemployment. It will be put on a debit card which has been sent to me. However monies are not on it. How long does it take for monies to be put on the debit card I received from unemployment

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Rita, I am not sure if you are still waiting on your funds...you posted this a month ago- so i hope not. I am in North Carolina, so the answer to your question would depend on your location and what prepaid company and/or bank that your state has chosen. Also, the answer depends on when you originally filed for unemployment and your waiting period, and if you have been filing correctly on a weekly basis. Any other income that you have had since losing your job could be a factor as well, including pension or 401k. Again, though, all of these factors vary depending on your state. I will give you a word of caution, however, on these cards - many of them are considered prepaid, stored-value cards. What this means, as I just discovered in the last few days with mine, is that many times you cannot use these over the phone or online. As the card rep advised me today, "it is a new security measure, and since the purpose of the security code on the back of the card is to trace your routing numbers to your account and you have no bank account with this card, you will not be able to use the card with these transactions". Needless to say, in this day and age, anyone who has a computer often makes purchases and pays bills this way. To make it all more frustrating, I have been making purchases and paying bills for the last 2 months with this card. Suddenly, with no prior notification (other than the disclaimer on the card's site that all transactions may not be accepted) they have decided to change their security measures. If I had known this when I signed up for the card, I would have just used my netspend card for the funds, which is 9.95 a month and comes with a routing and deposit number, not to mention a 3 digit security id that works!

My point in all that rambling is this: if you are going to use the card for any phone or internet transactions, or only to make atm withdrawals (which you will have to pay fees for if used more than 2 times a month), you may as well get a prepaid netspend card and sign up for direct deposit. That is what I am going to do, now that I know....and I will have to wait another 2 weeks for them to process it. Sheesh.

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