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I once had a debate on how to deal with bullying. I suggested that bullies be sent to special school to be rehabiliated. Someone said that such a thing is not feasible for many reasons and that he ...

Yechiel had my purple flower icon?   Yechiel posted as me?   I never saw that one Sharp Cookie.  Is this true Yechiel?   I feel like I can't trust anyone online anymore...sigh...I also wonder why Sharp Cookie doesn't choose to have a profile page.  Trollsbane2  has one and AKAfighter has one, I think Balrog has one.  Haven't checked on Marcus A yet, but I will.  If we have nothing to hide, why are we choosing to hide?   Thanks for calling me a nice lady Sharp Cookie.  I apperciate every little bit of kindness that comes my way.  We could all stop this small minded little tit for tat type of posting if we wanted to.  Some of us must find something rewarding doing this so often.  One of us, or all of us, should stop and think and get back to being real adults who like to discuss certain topics.  Name calling is really childish, and we all know better.  Me first.    Good Morning Everyone, great to see you posting. Your friend online....NJOY

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Thank you for explaining about the remarks regarding my icon, AKAfighter.  I appreciate knowing what Sharp Cookie said about Yechiel stealing my iconic picture is not true.  Thank heaven's for alert posters like yourself.

Sharp Cookie, if you are SparkyAnn, will you please send me a personal message so we can talk offline?  Thanks.  If you are not SparkyAnn, you can pm me and tell me who you really are.  I will keep my word to you if you ask me not to share your information, but this hiding with no profile and referring to past mistakes tells me you were most likely a part of that long ago gang with MW and Kid and whoever.  That's all over and should be forgotten, don't you think?  By the way, Sharp Cookie, Claire is Yechiel's wife.  I clicked the "f" on his profile page as you asked us to do.  That's a picture of his wife, Claire.

Shuddupandkissme Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I am only posting here now because NJOY and Yechiel have been pulled into this.  I seem to remember someone posting as NJOY for awhile there and impersonating her.  But the icon that appeared by Yechiel's screenname here was an AOL glitch.  Remember NJOY?  We commented about it.  You drew my attention to it and then it disappeared and reappeared again.  It was a GLITCH.  I just wish all this animousity would end.  The negativity is just soooooooooo...NEGATIVE and isn't good for anyone's health.  I have to get ready for work now and don't have time to get anymore involved in all this.  I have enough stress and complications in my own life...I need all the positive input and prayers I can get and would sincerely appreciate all your prayers.  Thank you.


Faye Kiss

Shuddupandkissme Thinks this answer is Helpful:

By the way...the Icon WAS my hummingbird by Yechiel's screenname.  NOT NJOY's.

Gotta go.  ))))))))))kiss


Thanks Faye, haven't heard from you in ages.  I vaguely remember that "glitch" you are referring to.  I don't think Yechiel would steal my icon on purpose, but then again, after all this mess, who can we trust anymore?

Shuddupandkissme Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I really have to go now, NJOY...just follow your heart, Honey.  Love you.

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Shuddupandkissme;

You deserve a hug and a kiss for coming to our rescue. I know "I am not a crook", to quote a former presidentCool, but I did wonder if there was something I had control over I did not do right.





I am grateful for all these helpful posters Yechiel, as I am sure you are also.  Thanks to all of Y'all...Kiss

Shuddupandkissme Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I may not post much on AOL Answers...but I do try to keep up with my Sweetie Pies!  ))))))))kiss

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