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How long will i live with untreated copd? I have nothing to live for and am trying to smoke at least 2 packs of cigs per day.

how long will i live with untreated copd?  I have nothing to live for and am trying to smoke at least 2 packs of cigs per day.

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wow!i don't think you are "living" with copd right now! don't know about your life, but there are many support groups that could USE YOUR IMPUT on coping or not coping, for that matter with the disease. there's your reson to live. heres another one- start funraising and get actively involved to raise awareness about the disease and treatment. you can do all of this sitting on your butt at home in front of your computer. what a dramatic waste of your time. STOP SMOKING!! DUH!! get a reason to live and see your doc about some antidepressants!!

You are a sad person. There are people who suffer with COPD and are fighting each day to live one more day. For you to write such a heartless statement only shows that it is not the COPD you need to be treated for, it is a deep depression..

Get up off your Butt and go see a head doc..that is what you need first and foremost..

Live Love and Laugh

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