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I know my Great-Uncle 2nd Leuitenant Joseph John Zagorski was killed during World War 2, My family was not given many answers surrounding his death. Is there anyway I can find out information

Heather, "Freedom of Information Act" makes it necessary to give full and timely disclosure -- if they know.  Please do not resign your mind to leftist paranoia.

Tadpole is faking peoples' screen ID's again. Just consider what is said to prove you are dealing with a leftist fool.
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The usual Rocmike aliases didn't start posting until 7 hours ago which is unusual.  Renner comes on and posts for 3 straight hours then stops. Bill immediately follows stops posting and Mike Dudley follows as usual there are some anonymous posts thrown in.. Do they call each other to let them know when to start posting or are they the same poster? Rocmike you are an idiot.

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