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Death of a soilder in WW2

I know my Great-Uncle 2nd Leuitenant Joseph John Zagorski was killed during World War 2, My family was not given many answers surrounding his death. Is there anyway I can find out information

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If you have his branch of service, dates of service, and where he served, it will make the search much easier. 

If we can find the specific unit where he last served, his pertinent data will show up in the unit diary.  If he served with particular distinction his name will appear with the National Archives.  This is a comprehensive archive of all who have served in the Armed Forces since the Spanish American War.


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have you or someone in family ordered copies of his Military Records yet???  You can do so as "next of kin" online... You MIGHT find something there?  Or, do you know where he was stationed??  My grandfather recently passed and I"m digging for info as well...  Do NOT count on the government to tell ya the truth...

Heather, "Freedom of Information Act" makes it necessary to give full and timely disclosure -- if they know.  Please do not resign your mind to leftist paranoia.

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