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Dear Mrs. Njoy: For many years now, I have had a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior, but something seemed to be missing in my life. After all, there is no pride in being friends with ...

Anonymous1: you have a well taken point.  To be considered a professional specialist (Nuclear Medicine for one) one must first prove himself a true professional as a generalist and then reach far above that to a form of proven expertise that few could master.  In my case, I went from Medical Doctor back to school for advanced diagnostics and physics.  In 22 years of postsecondary learning, I finally became a board-certified specialist with full peer recognition.

Anonymous2: people who think they are special, without any special qualification, make very bad mistakes.  Lots of them.  Other people pay the price.  That adds up in short order.

Atheists have indeed proven themselves "knuckle dragging boors."  Whereas they arrogantly presume that they are above others, their egotism has been their most humiliating public embarrassment.  Few atheists of my acquaintance have so much as graduated high school, much less graduated college, medical school, internship, residency, board certification, and independent license.  That makes atheists unique in one disappointing regard: they are uniquely unsuccessful.

Arrogance is not a virtue.  The old saw, "Pride cometh before a fall," is still true in every regard.

Your alter ego Physicalist would be the first to concur that atheists have always disappointed everyone.

Have you checked your medical benefits since Obamacare?
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stressed Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Ran out of answers, Phys?
It had 2 happen.
Ur A' cult has no answers.
U have only a grudge.

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Rocmike aka American Patriot, how many aliases do you need to repeat the same thing over and over? Do you ever read the insanity that is in your post? These are not the thoughts of a sane person but everyone knows that. The Rrocmike aliases that have posted recently Humble, Lady Aban, Bob Suffolk, Top Renner, Anonymous, Anselm and dfrogpong, Bill, Stressed, Dr. Kelly .

Serenity Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Atheists have always been "knuckle dragging boors" unfortunately.  Their games do them limitless discredit. 


Atheists become far too emotional, therefore they make very bad mistakes, other people suffer horrendously, and they are so bitter that they blame their purposeful misconduct on others just as an insult. 


In short, that liability is best removed from society as we would remove a cancerous tumor.

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Rocmike is starting today's posting marathon with Serenity. We are in store for at least 16 hours of different Rocmike aliases repeating the same thing over and over.

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