My dear Christian friends, why do so many satanist scum deny that they are satanists?

Dear friends,

As a real Christian, I am asking this question of you and not of any satanist. 

As you know very well, there are only two faiths in this world--Christianity and satanistm.  The Christian Bible, KJV 1611, teaches us as much.  For the very least we have the verses in Matthew 12:30 where Jesus tells "He that is not with me is against me".  As you are fully aware, we have many more Biblical teachings on the subject. 

Yet, the utter filth that is the satanist, often deny that they are in fact satanists.  All the Mooslim, Catholics, Homolutherans, Sodomite Episcopalians, atheists, and all other pagans keep on denying their satanism.  One has to wonder if it is just innate stupidity on the unElect or some sort of satanic ploy to mislead the gullible that may believe them.

What is your take on this issue?




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Your extreme ignorance can be cured with a good dose of education. 

Jesus was a Sodomite who had sex with all his disciples except one, who became jealous and betrayed him while in the gulag with Hitler.

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