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What am I supposed to do now? I married Eric a few months ago and things seemed to be going as they should, when I discovered his dirty little secret. He was sitting at the computer, writing silly ...

Punning can be terribly contagious!  One person says a pun, then someone else will tell a pun, and so forth around the room until everyone is wrecking the language.  The nice thing about punning is that unlike other jokes, there is never a butt of the joke: it is clever use of the language and is always lots of pun . . . I mean fun.

There is a long history of punning, that goes back to the days of Abraham!  Did you know that he was a biker?

"And the noise of Abraham's Triumph was heard throughout the land . . .." 


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Rocmike why do all of your aliases go to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time? AP-Ladydarko does the same thing. Could it be you are the same poster? You have one sad lonely life.

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