Discuss Tony's answer to: How to deal with the disgusting anti-Christian women that bare their unmentionables in public and breasfeed?

My dear Christian friends, This question is for you, and not for any false Christians such as Cathlicks, Mormons, Episcopalians, Homolutherans, Homomethodists, or any others that don’t believe in ALL ...


As I wrote elsewhere, there is nothing worse than to sit down to a raw steak dinner at a restaurant and have some hippy “chick” sit across from you to uncover one of her milk farms so that her little brat can make slurpy noises the entire time that you’re eating!

When this deplorable act occurs, I usually stare right at her bazooms until she notices me. Then I casually get up with my coffee and ask her “Say, they are out of regular milk, can I have a couple of squeezes for my coffee?”   Usually they try and shift the burden and call us pathetic for looking or asking for some extra milk. No way Jose, if they are going to uncover their milk fountains in front of my family, we should all stare to make them feel embarrassed!

Things that you can say to embarrass these ungodly women are, I see that your little one can open your blouse by himself.....ummm. Or, this entire restaurant can see that your child is suckling at one breast while he fondles the other! How about, Wow, your little one sure has developed the art of flicking his tongue hasn’t he? Or how about, “was that a dollar bill that your little suckling child just slipped into your belt?” Another one could be “hey, is your little one grabbing for a cigarette after he just breast fed?”
Anyway, here are some Godly ideas that we can use until such time that we get our true Christian brethren within the Republican Party to outlaw this disturbing act, in public, or in private.

In the name of the Savior hung on the Cross,

Brother T

Always enlightening the dumbfounded heathens!
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WORSHIP THE DIVINE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ONLY THE DIVINE OBAMA IS WORTHY TO DECIDE YOUR FATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR LIVES BUT YOU CAN EXCHANGE THEM FOR PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT A PERFECT BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DEATH TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DEATH TO ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As earlier shown, Tony is merely one of dfrogpong's screen names.  When that fascist posted this there was no question that only a deranged misfit could have done so. 
Tony-dfrogpong wants us to hate her.  All atheists are that way unfortunately, which only goes to show that atheists like Tony-dfrogpong are the least intelligent bigots on te planet.

Primrose Lane

Rocmike3 sent a message to all New Agers Directly from Hell via Archangel Michael

Rockmike3  “I learned the hard way that my countless New Age prayers to The "Is-ness", The "Oneness", The "I AM that I AM",  "HE", "IT", The "Awareness",  etc etc were really satan showing himself as an Angle of light to be God, and it really irritated God, who was apparently serious about those prohibitions on changing His word and name in the Old Testament.  And Jesus, who testified at my brief trial at the Pearly Gates, was obviously not happy that the false New Age  "Christ Consciousness." got so much more attention than He did.

So adhere to the Lord’s word, the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter how inexplicable, and avoid Hell.  It’s really . . . hot down here,Plus, I have been sodomized by demons here on an hourly basis, gotta go now.



Message From Rockmike3 Directly from Hell via Archangel Michael. 

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American Patriot aka Rocmike has stolen Dfrogpongs moniker. This lonely insane loser has been posting 31 out of the last 39 hours under Bill, Tweek, dfrogpong, Ladydarko, Rick Barnett, Bob Suffolk, Top Renner, Anonymous, Lady Aban who is still posting and a few others. This loser needs help and a life.

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