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Islam is a "copycat" cult, borrowing this and that from the Jewish and Christian faith, but in no instance did Mohammed prove anything he said.  The only thing Mohammed ever proved is that he would sanction the Arab hatred for Christians and Jews in a copycat religion they now call Islam.  It was then and is now an absolute lie.

The only thing Muslims have is hate.  Add a little anger, sanctimony, mendacity and fraud, and that sums up all the lies of Satan, Allah, Mohammed, and their cult of genocide.

How very convenient that Mohammed claimed to be a "prophet" and used that to "justify" the insane grudge that Arabs have against all decent persons.  If there ever was anything else to Islam, then it was lost among their vulgar lies.

I will concede that people who are bitter and degraded enough will look to any sanctimonious hypocrite that will "justify" their murderous grudge, which discredits Islam and all of its sects absolutely as nothing more than a self-righteous apostate grudge.

Nothing better, nothing else, just a bitter grudge and morbid lies printed in a handbook of hate.  One could take the teachings of "The Anarchist Cookbook" to heart much more easily than the codified genocidal rage that all Muslim suicide bombers live for.

Obama's program is not working. That is why you aren't, either, or soon won't be.
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True Religion True Religion Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Almighty says:

25.63. The (true) servants of the All-Merciful are they who move on the earth gently and humbly, and when the ignorant, foolish ones address them (with insolence or vulgarity, as befits their ignorance and foolishness), they respond with (words of) peace (without engaging in hostility with them);


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In 1999, Eric Clapton performed a song about the death of a three year old child who died in the fire of an apartment building he owned.  He had the contractor ready to make all the safety improvements that would bring the decrepit old building up to standards.  Before the moving company could enter to begin work, removing the tenants to other buildings for construction, a fire broke out.


The only person who did not escape was a three year old child.  Clapton felt terribly guilty about the death of a little child, although he had nothing to do with it.  he wrote a song in tribute to the child -- and all the other little ones who have died.


Yet, TRTR's whole religion is dedicated to the systematic death of little children by suicide in explosive vests, showing how unholy Islam really is and why such an obscenity has no place in the civilized world, much less in Heaven.


If your religion is so corrupt that you would have mothers send their own little children into the midst of strangers and then the mother detonates that hellish thing by remote control, then how corrupt is your religion?


If a man who disdains Church has enough of a human heart to grieve for the loss of children, and your whole cult boasts of their grisly and needless death as expendable weapons -- when there is no war to fight -- then what will God do with the bunch of you when you come to Him for judgment?



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