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What day, time, and optimum channel does Out of Ireland come on?

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How do I get credit for the time my cable was out

OMG, are you kidding me? Can't people THINK anymore? You pick up the phone and you call the cable company and you request a credit for the time you had no cable. You couldn't think of that on your own? Please DO NOT have children. They wouldn't stand a chance.

What time does groundhog day start?

7:25 a.m. - Eastern Standard Time, on February 2 each year.

Ireland 10 day trip recommendations

There is a fun local website for many ideas and money saving tips called Hidden Dublin http://www.hidden-dublin.com

When was the last time the Queen of England visited Ireland?

1911 and 1993 but the key question is when will the next visit take place 1912 many hope after such a successful visit this year. Brian (Dublin Visitors - http://www.dublin1.webs.com)